Definitely inspired by TOO much waiting around for things to happen. I try not to get bogged down in waiting, or reading the news, or overthinking things that are quite a bit beyond my control... but it seems to be a pretty natural thing to which we all fall victim. I do feel much better for sure when I just keep moving -- or "acting" -- or creating and don't metaphorically stare at the "buffering" for too long. Onward and upward!


The "falling back" is a little weird I'll admit -- but it definitely bothers some people on a whole different level. Bring on the dark. Bring on the snow. Winter baby! Ready to go!


Posting this one a little early... and also a little late! Fun to be drawing a Halloween costumed family of wolverine super heroes (and villain) on the actual day, but it shows up in the paper today and usually online on Thursday. Alas, so it goes. Hope all the kiddos had fun trick-or-treating!


The return of "Dear Melanie!" It's been years since she answered any reader mail and the time has come to get back to work!


This one pretty much speaks for itself... even though I've posted in almost a week later than usual!


I'm a bit of a broken record when it comes to fall. My second favorite season of the year for sure!


High school math has entered our den -- where three variable terms form one most excellent trinomial expression! Mr. Foley, feel free to correct or elaborate upon my understanding and/or use of mathematical lingo!


I'm getting over my first cold of the fall -- and an early one at that (to be blamed in my mind on too late summer forest fire smoke). Anyway, nothing that a little fall color can't cure for sure. Cheers!


Always very glad for a quick onset of winter weather. Sure, we'll get another little wave of heat, but fall is here to stay and the best days of the year are yet to come!


I love my daughter, but I have to admit that packing sack lunches is one of my least favorite things about the new school year. I mean, it was kind of fun to mix it up with little a bit during those first 5-6 years... but at this point one less thing to do on summer mornings is kind of nice :)