Surely I'm not the first to equate our President pro-tempore (as in "one who serves in the absence of someone superior) with a T. Rex, but the tiny hands and irrational and tempormental lashing about are too hard to pass up. 

Recounted here through the words of a young kit reading aloud from her dino book before bed... its the allegorical nature of the beast that is giving us parental types many nightmares indeed!


Animals are smart -- and they act on instinct #stongertogether


It goes without saying...


You know how that powdery snow is really hard to pack together into snowballs?? You just keep trying. Yep, that's what I'm talkin' about here. Straight up and totally transparent as per usual. GRRR!


Pure and simple: I need to keep some distance from the daily news barrage. I'll keep up on things for sure, but via small and measured doses and not so much in reaction to repeatedly crazy things...


Warm thoughts for COLD days. And perhaps the pine bark beetle population will die off as well!


I mean the snow was already falling here in Winthrop, WA... but last night it finally FELL!!! Nothing too crazy just yet, but the skiing was grand this afternoon and we'll be gliding for weeks to come! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Harts Pass Comics!


The constituent at Harts Pass is absolutely sure it will NEVER be happy with the President-elect. So apologies in advance if you tire of our thinly veiled attempts at political commentary. There will also be sarcasm... and at times wolverine-centric comical rage. GRRR!


Snow job: (noun) definition - a strong effort to make someone believe something by saying things that are not true or sincere.


Another seasonal poem from the good folks at Harts Pass Comics. Enjoy!