Double Whammy Redux!!

Man, I am getting REALLY bad at the double posting -- I mean for good reason. Here are the last two weeks of Harts Pass. To stay more current check out my more regularly updated illustration blog. Patience, as always, is a virtue!
OK. Since my wife and daughter couldn't decipher this: Thor (the wolverine) doesn't want winter to end -- so he eats the marmot (pseudo Cascadian groundhog) before he can properly prognosticate. Thusly, the happy ending with a grizzly middle. Six more weeks of winter!

Note to self: I probably should have drawn some flailing limbs, snarling wolverine teeth, or a flying marmot hat to make it more clear that the little guy was eaten alive. Learning something new with every edition...
 And then there is this strip from the last week of January!

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