Do YOU think the Army should be testing Blackhawk Helicopters in the North Cascades? Buzzing hilltops at any hour of the day - selectively/tactically or not - when people and animals alike are already hyper-alert to any helicopter activity being immediately associated with the next serious wildfire? I didn't think so. The wolverines at Harts Pass have done half the work. Share this and spread the word. Print it out, add your own two cents, and send it along the the Department of the Army, Directorate of Public Works by November 3rd. The address is right there on the strip. Get busy people. We made it through literally YEARS of pointless and ongoing war in the middle east without this sort of thing being necessary. Needed for Afghanistan my mustelid butt! Someone needs to learn to leave certain things well enough alone and to leave at least a few unspoiled things still unspoiled. GRRR!!!

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